Submitted by Heidi
Kleckner-Standridge- 12 Nov 2004
Today is Diego's Baptism
Birthday (November 12th).  I
thought the following Bible
verses might remind us where
Diego is today......

"In reply Jesus declared, "I tell
you the truth, no one can see the
kingdom of God unless he is
born again. "
"How can a man be born when
he is old?" Nicodemus asked.
"Surely he cannot enter a second
time into his mother's womb to
be born!"
Jesus answered, "I tell you the
truth, no one can enter the
kingdom of God unless he is
born of water and the Spirit.
Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the
Spirit gives birth to spirit.
You should not be surprised at
my saying, `You must be born
again." (John.3:3-7).
Submitted by Heidi Kleckner-Standridge- 26 June 2007
Today is I was thinking of Diego today since it was three years
ago today that he had died.  The weekend before he died, I was
lucky enough to be able to spend time with him, and I will forever
be grateful that Kelly had a birthday party for Carina’s 3rd birthday
that weekend.  I don’t remember as much of the birthday party as I
do other special moments I had with Diego.  I visited Council
Bluffs a few days prior to that weekend and was lucky enough to
get to watch Carina and Diego while Kelly was at work.  I
remember us playing Simpson’s Clue and how Diego wanted to
quit playing because I was doing better than him.  I look back now
and wish I would have let him win.

I remember playing Nintendo games with him and how I was
terrible at the games and he tried to show me how to play.  I
remember him showing me his Yu-Gi-Yo cards and that he asked
me which one my favorite was.  I remember him holding and
carrying around Sylvan and how much he loved his younger
cousin, my son.

I remember saying goodbye the last time, too.  This is how my last
goodbye to Diego went…..I said “Bye” and he said “See you later
alligator” and I said, “Ok, bye”, he then said “No, you’re suppose
to say ‘after while crocodile’”, I said “Oh, let’s try it again, then”,
So he repeated “See you later alligator” and I replied with “After
while crocodile.”  I have heard other people say those sayings
since, and it will forever remind me of Diego.  I miss him…..
and Stories
Posted by Kelly (Diego's mom) on 15 Jan 2005
My Dream
I had a dream on October 20th, 2004.
In my dream I saw Diego and it seemed very real and I could
see him clearly.

He told me "It isn't like you told me it would be." But I could tell
he really liked it there.
I asked him "What is it like?" and he told me what it was like in a
lot of detail.
At the time of my dream I could remember what he told me and I
knew it was things that I quite couldn't understand totally yet.

Then I looked to my right, and someone was with me. I believe it
was Carina, but I couldn't see anything else in the dream clearly
except Diego. I went back to look at him and was going to ask
him something and he was gone.

When I awoke, I had a very peaceful feeling. I also wanted to
remember what he told me it was like there and I couldn't

I feel that dream gave me some well needed peace.
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